Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bryan c3dda12f35 Remove source RPM if build fails 2 months ago
  bryan 51b3281d21 Echo upstream source repo 2 months ago
  bryan e2855aae99 Final touches on help dialog 2 months ago
  bryan 226a3deb08 Fix help dialog 2 months ago
  bryan c5e9037833 Don't reprompt for wget install 5 months ago
  bryan 5f65694f99 Fix getopt install 5 months ago
  bryan facae84e4f Fix derp 5 months ago
  bryan 16fb94124f Update for MC28 5 months ago
  bryan 9b8d8a302e Add support for legacy versions on Ubuntu/Debian 6 months ago
  bryan 437f3da360 Refactoring 6 months ago
  bryan 97e734e1ac Echo script version in debug 6 months ago
  bryan 1a5d48e6cc Remove unecessary if block 6 months ago
  bryan de0fc5704e Remove dead dependency 6 months ago
  bryan c6588e1f81 Some cleanup 6 months ago
  bryan 49a4dea416 Standardize operators 6 months ago
  bryan 1fa5b75323 Add Linux Mint support 6 months ago
  bryan 51e5da4795 Fix formatting and Debian install 6 months ago
  bryan 09b914d11f Add back lame as dependency 7 months ago
  bryan 64e86ecddf Hide PackageInstaller icon 8 months ago
  bryan 81b67e5838 Update boardurl for MC 27 1 year ago
  bryan 92040db82f Remove gstreamer dependencies 1 year ago
  bryan 225ec63324 Fix provides_exclude regex 1 year ago
  bryan e0a8bffe5d Don't exit on package installation failure 1 year ago
  bryan 1e029fd611 Update RPi OS name 1 year ago
  bryan 4efd85385e Minify functions 1 year ago
  bryan 38e3cf2548 v0.6 release 1 year ago
  bryan 14672fe85d Set _mcpkg even when _mcversion is specified 1 year ago
  bryan 3f4bc9dd98 Add the ability to specify a version from repo 1 year ago
  bryan c9a9d82d3a Rename install-rpmbuild argument to install-rpm 1 year ago
  bryan 988222540a Fix firewall-cmd derp on fedora/centos 1 year ago