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Execute a script in a podman container

Usage: --file FILE [--file-path PATH] [--mode [0,1,2]]

                          [--mask-dir PATH] [--image IMAGE_NAME] [--force-systemd]
                          [--help] [--] $OPTIONS

--file,-f FILE
    The local script to execute in the container (typically sent from your IDE)

--file-path PATH
    Path that the script operates on (Default: the --file directory)

--mode,-m 0,1,2
    0. Nonpersistent container (always recreate) (Default)
    1. Persistent container
    2. Recreate persistent container

--mask-dir PATH
    Hide this directory from the host OS, store contents in the container only (Default: unset)
    (Useful for capturing output in the container only for easy reset)

--image,-i IMAGE_NAME
    The name of the image to execute the script (Default: fedora:latest)

    Force container to init with systemd support

    Print this help message and exit

-- [additional arguments to pass to --file FILE]
    Parsed as "quoted string"