Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bryan fd3cef6915 Try re-enabling multicore build 2 months ago
  bryan 82c53029e0 Add additional depends packages 2 months ago
  bryan be53ed782c Fix derp 2 months ago
  bryan bc025c1c3d Try to keep worktree src 2 months ago
  bryan 95f8d688cd Back to single thread 3 months ago
  bryan 38c4bdc864 Try multicore 3 months ago
  bryan 90b9a68bd3 Use upstream build direction 3 months ago
  bryan edf0cd7910 Add some build depends 3 months ago
  bryan 8619045bbe Debug build 3 months ago
  bryan 214bd46da4 Clarify prompt 3 months ago
  bryan b58093a243 Make prompt clearer 3 months ago
  bryan f251a19215 Free up a core 3 months ago
  bryan 5a4f6e0988 Fix release compression 3 months ago
  bryan 99146b1913 Switch to zstd imagebuilder 3 months ago
  bryan 18fc3abcc9 Add perl-Time-Piece requirement 3 months ago
  bryan 64c5b2bbc3 Make 23.05.3 default release 3 months ago
  bryan 633356a6a3 Update to 23.05.0 9 months ago
  bryan d5bedbd09c Add luks support 9 months ago
  bryan 8bd218c677 Switch n5100 to squashfs 9 months ago
  bryan d496a1670d Rework kopts 9 months ago
  bryan cd86dcffbc Rework kopts 9 months ago
  bryan 254ca3b3ec Rework kopts 9 months ago
  bryan efe4666078 Add ax6000_ap profile 10 months ago
  bryan 94da35b60e Profiles: reduce custom part sizes to speed up sysupgrade 1 year ago
  bryan 433e4bf971 Profiles: increase boot part size 1 year ago
  bryan d2f17da948 Disable pager for --yes mode 1 year ago
  bryan 3f4a3c7d7e Use a single git worktree command 1 year ago
  bryan 764ffe11d1 Profiles: add x86 packages to n5100 1 year ago
  bryan 43c5a632b1 Add --yes option 1 year ago
  bryan 45009cc73f Add x86 profile 1 year ago