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  bryan a3323c6d53 Update env 2 weeks ago
  bryan f5109b3f2e Wire up flashImage 2 weeks ago
  bryan fc55036f6e Cleanup backup archive 2 weeks ago
  bryan b9add29b8a Update IDE and help 2 weeks ago
  bryan 5f0a29cbbb Wire up sshBackup 2 weeks ago
  bryan 57f48e89e0 Update workspace settings 2 weeks ago
  bryan 8d00cfefbb Update README 2 weeks ago
  bryan 35a48627b6 I heard you like rewrites 2 weeks ago
  bryan 15626bb27a Remove legacy build env 3 weeks ago
  bryan 8425dc5373 Simplify profile settings 3 weeks ago
  bryan 34573c5a6b Fix ssh backup and update default versions 6 months ago
  bryan dd22e82d07 Refactor: Ugly but it works 11 months ago
  bryan fd91cce506 Add debug file caching 1 year ago
  bryan c0c4837519 Initial python-gui commit 1 year ago
  bryan 5c66e672ba Add short option -s for --ssh-upgrade 1 year ago
  bryan fc33caf04e Fix help function 1 year ago
  bryan d1c5209bab Fix shellcheck 1 year ago
  bryan c4119f9265 Add vscode tasks/settings 1 year ago
  bryan 74b3032d9e Update .atom-build.yml 1 year ago
  bryan e0373b6dfa Update options order 1 year ago
  bryan 9621a08ecb Add sqm to rpi router 1 year ago
  bryan 0d7cd88fd0 Turn default debugging off 1 year ago
  bryan 03090b031e Reuse existing ImageBuilder archive for release versions 1 year ago
  bryan 98acb8e0db Prevent flashing older builds 1 year ago
  bryan 4b05570ce3 Add license and fix inconsistent output file naming 1 year ago
  bryan 6349c21c93 Move functions back in 1 year ago
  bryan c8ff4ae2cf Refine personal profiles 1 year ago
  bryan 188421eccd Refactor and change author 1 year ago
  cryobry 9451ce720a Add --flash argument to optionally flash a device 1 year ago
  cryobry e2fe581382 Remove unecessary getOS() call 1 year ago