Build OpenWRT and flash/upgrade devices

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Sanely build and deploy OpenWRT images using the Image Builder (or git source)


openwrtbuilder [--option [VALUE]]... -p PROFILE [-p PROFILE]...


--profile,-p PROFILE
--release,-r,--version,-v RELEASE ("snapshot", "22.03.3")
--buildroot,-b PATH
    Default: location of openwrtbuilder script
    Build image from source, not from Image Builder
    Allows make config options to be passed
--ssh-upgrade HOST
    Example: root@
--ssh-backup SSH_PATH
    Enabled by default for --ssh-upgrade
--flash,-f DEVICE
    Example: /dev/sdX
    Cleanup all source and output files
    Can be combined with -p to reset a specific profile


See ./profiles for example device profile definitions.


  • ./openwrtbuilder -p r4s -r snapshot --debug
  • ./openwrtbuilder -p ax6000_stock -r 23.03.3 --source --debug
  • ./openwrtbuilder -p rpi4 -r 23.03.3 --flash /dev/sdX
  • ./openwrtbuilder -p linksys -r snapshot --ssh-upgrade root@

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