Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cryobry d214954a98 Point systemd service at correct script location 3 years ago
  cryobry 804820f273 Remove python3-configparser dependency, use pip instead 3 years ago
  cryobry 7ac6c775a6 Merge upstream 3 years ago
  cryobry 302702efe3 Update throttled.spec version to supersede upstream 4 years ago
  cryobry c99b45f9d4 Merge branch 'master' of 4 years ago
  erpalma 88216b119a add Comet Lake to the list of supported cpus (fix #150) 4 years ago
  erpalma d5ee6de8eb mention that all undervolt voltage must be negative in config file (fix #171) 4 years ago
  erpalma e897f95385 add logging to indicate that throttled is disabled in config file (fix #173) 4 years ago
  Francesco Palmarini 2bd4626d8a Merge pull request #177 from Hyper-KVM/master 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM 8300044558 Add Artix and OpenRC entries 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM 5fc826aac0 Add OpenRC support in 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM a88689b8bb really fix init script this time 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM c0b8c180bf fix init script 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM 422769aafd remove uneeded prepare function in PKGBUILD 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM 9cb8537425 fix PKGBUILD 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM fbcbbb93c7 add PKGBUILD 4 years ago
  Hyper-KVM 232fcc3882 Add OpenRC support testing 4 years ago
  cryobry a6026e8bb4 Development fork for copr 4 years ago
  Francesco Palmarini 8d8096a3b3 Merge pull request #166 from kikislater/patch-1 4 years ago
  Francesco Palmarini 1cb4fd7ae0 Merge pull request #176 from nariox/update-readme 4 years ago
  Francesco Palmarini 0b10acf5f6 Merge pull request #168 from nariox/master 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi 49622cd79b Update Readme to remove static-fix from top 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi 919b61f3c9 Revert "Move static fix down" 4 years ago
  nariox b1d887c167 Move static fix down 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi d118ddc0a3 Remove extra line to make PR cleaner 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi 3cf2f1aa0f Add default values for Disable_BDPROCHOT 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi f2ee9ed38d Implement Disable_BDPROCHOT 4 years ago
  Pedro Nariyoshi b5e52c03f4 Parse Disable BDPROCHOT option 4 years ago
  Sylvain POULAIN dd115d3ca8 Confusing documentation about HWP parameter 4 years ago
  Francesco Palmarini b7eeeb7842 Update 4 years ago