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  bryan c2cf51992d Add screenshot 2 years ago
  bryan b31e57645c Use session ID and squash bugs 2 years ago
  bryan fe74eff142 Remove v1 support 2 years ago
  bryan 718ed0d139 Update README 2 years ago
  bryan d07839b44b Initial commit 2 years ago
  Noam 3a94884410 Compatibility with extensions API v2 - pending actual Python3 test 2 years ago
  Noam b65e0f7716 Check default profile paths, added option for custom path (#4) 2 years ago
  Noam 41fd08e14e Make everything case-insensitive 2 years ago
  Noam 3831954e52 Minor formatting, update return values 2 years ago
  Noam f3c80e2f95 Merge pull request #2 from luisg0nc/fix-names 2 years ago
  Luis Goncalves 396dfbc963 Fixed query to search using also title 2 years ago
  Luis Goncalves 3d8eabafc1 Removed repeated name from the description. 2 years ago
  Luis Goncalves b8f94debba Changed title to read from name 2 years ago
  Noam b0027edf5f v0.0.2 - Added sorting by usage 3 years ago
  Noam b54b422b26 added VNC icon 3 years ago
  Noam 4051d9aa7d better screenshot 3 years ago
  Noam efc32d9935 v0.0.1 3 years ago
  Noam 4a4e4c58d0 Initial commit 3 years ago